About Hankerwear

Founded in January 2017 in upstate New York, just 30 minutes from NYC, Hankerwear was born. In the beginning, we didn't call it Hankerwear. It has actually been through several names including Hanker Sore, and Hanker Hats, but after some name experimentation, Hankerwear seemed to fit our vision best! We wanted women to have access to exceptional activewear and gym accessories enhancing your experience working out. Although there are many amazing companies, there are none like ours. Our commitment to you as a customer is in our blood, sweat, and tears. At Hankerwear, your satisfaction is our guarantee, and we promise to deliver that until the end of time. 

Stay Fit. Stay Hankerweared. 

For questions, feedback, or recommendations, please contact us via our integrated chat system or email us at: info@hankerwear.com